Amazon S3 w/ W3 Total Cache conflicting with Prosites on a shared enviornment.

I use mediatemple hosting and have multiple hosting accounts in a shared environment using the same IP address. Site A is a WPMU site with prosite installed and is the main site in the hosting enviornment, Site B is a WP site with W3 Total Cache set up using Amazon S3.

The bucket is set up so that has a CNAME change pointing to the bucket. So is pointing to This set up is working correctly for all theme files and all other files except for on the home page, media library image files are not coming up. When I debug with firebug for some reason there are multiple requests coming up for potential new sites for prosites.

So for instance will work correctly but a featured image on the homepage is triggering a phone home to

Here are both sites I am leaving the CDN on for now for debugging purposes. I have been trying to debug the reason and am stumped on how to fix it. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Site B:
Site A:

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Something to try. The signup page is coming up for the multisite because cdn is unrecognized there. Are you using Domain Mapping? If so try setting the cdn domain on multisit and see what happens. You can always erase it if it bungs up things more. It should let you see what's doing the call.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings patrickt010,

    Though I do not have any definitive answer for you i can offer the following advice.

    In several places throughout this forum W3 Total Cache is discussed to include how it messes with the db.php file and upon uninstall completely deletes db.php (warning) bringing your WordPress installation to a screaming crash.

    It is also further noted that the caching program of choice by far is WP Super Cache.

    In addition, it appears that you are obviously using MultiSite on this site considering that you are using Pro Sites.

    As discussed here W3 Total Cache does not support MultiSite and no where does it claim it does.

    So as mentioned in the thread above that people insist that they like it, it is also proven and confirmed by WPMU Dev Lead Developer Aaron that it is not MultiSite compatible.

    Therefore we have a problem with your site because now if you try to delete W3 it is going to trash the db.php file - on the other hand you will continue to have problems due to it is not MultiSite compatible.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • patrickt010
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    For some unknown reason it looks like sleeping on it has resolved the problem, by far my favorite solution :slight_smile:.

    @Arnold - If the problem comes back I will try your solution, before I went to bed I had excluded cdn from the domain mapping settings, but I do not think this is what solved it as the site it was trying to register was cdnminutetillsixcom.

    @Joe - The prosites is installed on another hosting account, as I manage multiple clients in a shared environment. It appears that for some reason my cdn CNAME which is pointing to the bucket was conflicting with the A record for which is pointing to the shared ip, this same ip is used for domain mapping on which is a WPMU. This brings up a theoretical question I have is it possible to have two WPMU installs in a shared environment, I believe the answer is yes but you can only have domain mapping on one, am I wrong?

    Additionally I do have W3 Total Cache installed on which is the WPMU and have not experienced any problems with it, however I have never tried deleting the plugin though either. Thanks for bringing this up. I often go back and forth between W3 Total Cache And WP Super Cache.

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