amember vs. pay per view?


I have a regular public website with public content. I want to be able to charge people to access a members only blog. Basically everything on that blog will be protected including numerous custom post-types.

I just purchased the amember plugin for this and it seems to work brilliantly. In fact I can have multiple members only blogs, where a user has to purchase a 'subscription' to each blog independently even though they are all on the same wp install (sub-domain multisite).

I was just reading through the plugins here and saw the pay per view plugin. This seems to pretty much 'almost' do about the same thing.

Given that I want to protect an entire blog, not just posts/pages, and given that I will eventually have multiple blogs to protect, where a user has to purchase access to each one, one at a time.....

Which plugin would you use and why?

**bonus for anyone that currently has a setup like this up and running and can speak from real world experience.


The admin I am building this site for is NOT a WordPress guru, in fact he's quite a newbie when it comes to anything to do with the net, so the easier to maintain and run the better.

  • shawng

    @Brian Purkiss
    My ticket has been inactive for some time because I am still waiting for an answer. It seems that membership does NOT do what I needed it to do (protect an entire blog per subscription) and i am waiting until that is possible.

    If you look through my topics, you will find that I am pretty much used to having to wait for months for any kind of real solutions here at wpmu.

  • PC

    Hello @shawng

    Greetings and thanks for posting back.

    This thread was marked as resolved as there was no further discussion going on from your end.

    Membership can achieve what you want to do.

    Configure it on the site, and use URL groups to protect links. You can create access levels and using the URL groups you can decide what level has access to which group.

    You can also use Pay Per view if you want. Just enable PPV for all the posts, pages and custom post types. You can then sell the daily pass or recurring membership and once someone buys it, he/she will have access to the full content.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.


  • aecnu

    Greetings shawng,

    Thank you for the feedback which is certainly appreciated.

    What specifically would you like to know sir about our products?

    Not other peoples unsupported products but our products sir that we can possibly give an informed answer and or fix between our products if they have an issue with current versions of WordPress/BuddyPress?

    If it is not our product are we expected to give an informed answer? Or even any answer at all? Really?

    Please advise. I am trying to figure out where you are coming from and how/why you expect that it is our responsibility to answer questions about anyone elses products?

    Our Chief of Developers clearly states our mission --> The support we provide here is how to use the current features of our products and bug fixing.

    Where are we failing you sir on that mission?

    You believe it is with Amember or Cloak FM? It is clear with Cloak FM that they have failed.

    Please advise as I try to understand this because I have never expected my dentist to support my previous heart condition that was caused by a blood clot in my leg from sitting too long at the computer and I am wondering if I should call me dentist and ask???

    In any event looking forward to hearing from you and have a GREAT day!

    Cheers, Joe

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