amember vs. pay per view?


I have a regular public website with public content. I want to be able to charge people to access a members only blog. Basically everything on that blog will be protected including numerous custom post-types.

I just purchased the amember plugin for this and it seems to work brilliantly. In fact I can have multiple members only blogs, where a user has to purchase a 'subscription' to each blog independently even though they are all on the same wp install (sub-domain multisite).

I was just reading through the plugins here and saw the pay per view plugin. This seems to pretty much 'almost' do about the same thing.

Given that I want to protect an entire blog, not just posts/pages, and given that I will eventually have multiple blogs to protect, where a user has to purchase access to each one, one at a time.....

Which plugin would you use and why?

**bonus for anyone that currently has a setup like this up and running and can speak from real world experience.


The admin I am building this site for is NOT a WordPress guru, in fact he's quite a newbie when it comes to anything to do with the net, so the easier to maintain and run the better.