Ampersand in iframe

I have the additional tags plugin installed. Upon save, characters are added to my iframe url. Particularly, it is changing "&" to "&" in my embedded mapping system.

<iframe src=" WILLIAMS&ZIP=80222"</iframe>

<iframe src=" WILLIAMS&ZIP=80222"</iframe>

Obviously this causes errors in the search. How can I fix this ampersand issue?

  • drmike

    I;m assuming when you say &, you mean &-a-m-p;. Right?

    That's actually what it;s supposed to do. You'll note that it;s doing the same thing for the space and turning that into %-2-0. The & symbol is a restricted character (That's some fancy name for it but I for the life of me can;t think of it. There's no kids here today and it;s too quiet.) and this gets around that.

    Trying to think if there's a way around that but right off I can;t think of one. I;m assuming the data is hitting a filter that the option data passes though.

  • Christopher Price

    Notice the "&ADDRESS" and "&ZIP" defining the search. While it may be a bad idea to do it that way, it has been working until very recently.

    I actually put the "%20" in myself, but I would guess that it would do it for me if I didn't.

    Edit: My bad, the site (ironically) filtered out the &-a-m-p-; Should be:
    <iframe src=" WILLIAMS&ZIP=80222"</iframe>

    Rats: still can't show it right. WP is changing it to &-a-m-p-;ADDRESS (minus hyphens)

    I called tech support on the map vendor and they haven't made any recent changes and mine is the first report of the issue. Most of their clients iframe into template sites.

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