An advanced single page functionality demo

This started out as a supplemental portfolio demo of what a well designed single.php template should look like in WordPress. I got a bit carried away though and accidentally created something awesome.

The advanced designers among you may want to borrow from pieces of it, so I'm posting the pen here for educational purposes:

The concept went off the rails when I decided the one form of creative writing I'd never seen handled well was poetry. Bam, down the rabbit hole. This includes:

+ A radial progress bar that updates on scroll
+ A visual line hi-light on mouse over
+ Line numerators each 5, like traditional print
+ The ability to "click-mark" a line with a visual flag
+ Fully responsive approach
+ The basics of social media sharing
+ A surprisingly pretty design using SCSS/CSS3/HTML5/Canvas/jQuery on a Zurb Foundation frame.

The only thing I didn't add was the "next post" flyout at 80% scroll and beyond. All in all though, I think it's a creative look at things one might do with a single post, if we get our heads just outside the sandbox.

Perhaps you'll find a use for some of this in your own designs.