An Communities plugin functionality suggestion

Hi guys!

Well, I’ve got an suggestion to Communities Plugin.

When I click on “Communities” tab, if I do not participate in a community, I just don’t see any community at all.

In my case, I use this plugin to my users make business to each other, so they create communities to facilitate this social interaction.

So, I was thinking: If I’m a new user, I don’t know anyone, and obviously I don’t know any name of any community, how can I find the communities even if I search for that? Remembering, that if I don’t know anyone and don’t know any name of any comunity, I don’t know what to search.

I think that when the user clicks on the Communities tab, it should list at least the 5 last communities created, then it can arouse the interest of new users to join communities and do business or interact with each other.

Is it possible to you to implement a feature like this in the next update?