An education marketplace - ideas for a solution please


I am currently looking to set up a marketplace for education course spaces. In this marketplace education providers (colleges/training providers etc) can list and sell their course spaces and people can buy spaces for courses through the site. We take a commission from the sale of any space sold on the site.

(My initial thoughts are something like Etsy perhaps)

I have been looking into possible solutions and whether I could use Wordpress along with plugins/themes to set up something like this.

I would really appreciate some advice on how best I could set something like this up (ideally at reasonable cost for this initial market trial).

Main features:

- Course providers can create a profile (essentially their own store) and list their courses, description and prices

- Courses can be categorised, filtered and searched on the site from the front end by people looking to study a course

- We don’t charge a fee to list a course space but take a commission from the sale of each space

Other additional features (like to add as many as we can simply):

- ‘Secret provider’, so a course can be sold with only limited details of the provider shown (similar to Top Secret hotels on
- Space limit features: i.e. for each course only a certain number of spaces available

I would prefer payment to be made to us, and we will then pass the money minus our commission to each provider once the course is run. We will most likely use Paypal to begin with.

There will need to be some back end admin management panel for us, but also some login and admin panel for each store.

There are a few other minor custom features, but I can look into adding those once I have a better idea on the foundations for the site.

Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile: