An Image Gallery Styles plugin inspired by the well-made solution

WordPress 3.5 media management is great, especially for the galleries, isn't it? users can now easily choose between different gallery "types/styles" when they create or edit a gallery.

They simply choose an option in a drop-down menu which is located directly in the gallery settings (see attached picture):

The current available types/styles they can choose from are:

> Default

> Tiles

> Square Tiles

> Circles

> Slideshow

See live examples here:

This feature looks really nice and it is extremely easy and funny for end-users!

My request:

We have been told many times that WPMUDEV would create a simple gallery plugin. However I think that the native WP 3.5 gallery is OK now (fast, easy and versatile).

Why not create a similar plugin here to add some style and beauty to these default galleries? I would really love to see such a plugin here and I'm sure you could make great things with it (like adding more styles as time goes on). You could even create a free plugin with 1-2 styles (on respository) and sell a premium one with more styles.

What do you think? Any +1 ?