An observation on your approach to products

Hi All,

I am in love (so to speak) with your stuff. You present an image of 'components ready to go.' To a large extent this is true, the stuff IS plug-it-in and it works. There are some exceptions I have run into. With this, I have no problem; I have been working with computers FAR to long to expect anything else. My own stuff has had problems (are we surprised? I thought not).

My concern is that when I DO run into an issue I have only you(all) to fall back on. This is better that almost everywhere else. Some product providers e.g. the "Response" theme, actually approach there stuff as a 'coding aid.' (I don't know if they would agree.) From my viewpoint, the user is expected, (required?) to work on the code: CSS, Java Script, PHP and friends. The organization is set up to support this paradigm, it is the rule not the exception.

Please, DO NOT change your approach!!

What I would ask is that you expand your approach to INCLUDE the reality that yes, one 'needs to get into the bits' now and again. Not that you don't, just that it seems to be an exception rather than an expected occurrence.