an unique issue.. and a learning process

here is what happend.. i got site.. all nice and all done and out and about with marketing.

started a new project.. installed wordpress and played around with a few themes to see how it looks.. did not like it.. messed up and then decided to do some thing.. thought.. if i delete all files in the second site and copy paste all files from the first site.. may be it will work as the first site (mojoengage). so I have done it.. ie copy pasted the first site in the second sites folder..

problem is .. every time i go to the second sits url.. it redirects to the first site.. ie the one i copied it from..

i get a feeling that there is a file i need to edit to add the domain of the new site or some thing similar..

would love to solve this without leaning on my developer.. help appreciated..

1st site , the one I copied from:

2nd site.. the one i want to look like the 1st