Analytics + GDatacountryBlocked

Dear support,
We have some issue with Google Analytics+ pro plugin.
We have 3 Multi-site WP installations on Digital Ocean VPS (through Cloudways), 2 in amsterdam region, 1 in frankfurt region.

The Analytics + plugin in WP installation in frankfurt region gives to us the following error
"Error loading data. GDatacountryBlockedThis service is not available from your country".

We tryied to log-out an log-in with Google account and even from API with no success. Also tryed to clone the server changing the ip in the frankfurt region, same problem.
If we moved to amsterdam, the issue seems solved, but we need it in frankfurt.

Cloudways support can't solve the issue and suggested to us to contact the developer. We supposed that should be an IP range issue for the IPs located in Germany. We found googoling some data of it, but we are not sure that this is what cause the issue.

The installation provided in the object is a test for you, located in frankfurt. Please be careful because it contains some acconunts and emails address of customers.

Thanks for the support,