Andreas09, static home page and two home page links

Good day

I have made a static page, called it home, and applied it under Settings, Reading.
I then had two home pages. On further investigation various sites suggest making the static home page a sub-page of any other page to hide it. Andreas09 allows for sub-menus so that did not help. I still had a second home page in the sub-menu position.

I then tried various plugins to hide the static home page from the sub-menu but all that did was hide all my menus (except the default home page link).

I am guessing the next step would be to go into the header code and hide the default home page link. This may affect everyone using that theme though.

Any advice would be appreciated.

  • drmike

    When you bring up the Page for editing, there should be a privacy setting at the upper right. Take a look at the Publish block for the Visibility: Public. It's a drop down menu that includes an option for Private.

    Please give that a try and let us know how it goes.

    edit: Forgot to add. You never want to try hiding the hardcoded home link. Usually theme designers hardcode in the beginning of the wp_list_pages output in there and you'll wind up with a bigger mess if you do.

  • drmike

    Any attempt to hide the static home page results

    Just to clarify, what method(s) of hiding are you trying?

    I of course left my external hard drives home today so I don't have a copy of the theme and downloading the 133 pack isn't going to happen over this wireless network.

    I hate to ask but can you do me a favor and zip up the theme and email me a copy of it to theapparatus at gmail dot com please? I'll take a look at it to see if I see something. I;m going to dinner shortly but I'll be around later tonight. (edit: Or at least a snack.)