Announcing MarketPress 2.8!

Hey WPMU DEVers! After months of hard work by the team and testing by you, it's live!

MarketPress 2.8 is one of our biggest updates ever, chock full of new features asked for by you guys!
- Added UPS Shipping plugin!
- Added built in grid views!
- Add in AJAX dropdown category and order filters to listings pages
- Add optional breadcrumbs to checkout process steps
- Add default product images
- Added ability to trash/delete orders and adjusts stock counts accordingly
- Add featured image import support to the CSV importer
- Add a "clone product" functionality
- Add hooks for custom shipping methods and tracking links
- Major refresh of css styles

- Forced shipping option recalculation when Country changes.
- Fix bug with product list widget when ordering by price or sales
- Fix missing closing tag in global widget breaking drag and drop
- Fix shipping settings save filter for method plugins
- Error check in Manual Payments gateway:
- Fixed 10525 Paypal errors in global cart checkouts
- Change the "from" price shown on variation listings to the lowest
- Change PayPal generated timestamps for server timezone support
- Fix double trigger of 'mp_order_paid' hook
- Added APO state codes to the marketpress-data.php so addresses can make it past PayPal's address checker,
- Use "APO", "FPO" or "DPO" for the City and 10 digit Zip code.
- Sorted USPS shipping choices in Ascending order so that the lowest price will be the default.
- Changed the Shipping sub options <select> to a select box instead of a dropdown.
- Added code to insure the first item in the Shipping sub options is selected if suboption is blank. Makes sure an item shows in iPad.
- Set minimum "size" on shipping_sub_options select box to 4 for Safari and Chrome quirk.
- Removed Handling charge display from USPS shipping options.
- Let ounces go decimal for shipping weight
- Add hooks to coupon functions
- Added another error passing method for calculated rates. If a suboption key contains 'error' the value is an error message.
- Fix ajax when force admin ssl is on
- Fix conflict with PODS plugin
- Other minor bug/notice fixes

Download it now, and let us know how it goes for you.