Announcing the MarketPress e-Commerce Plugin Beta!

THIS IS AN UNFINISHED EARLY BETA RELEASE! PLEASE USE FOR TESTING/FEEDBACK ONLY. Not recommended for a live site, though you should be ok activating it in just one blog for testing.

MarketPress was developed to be a good solid, simple, extensible e-commerce foundation. Much work went into detailed but simple Shipping and Gateway plugin APIs, and very robust themeing support with it’s own set of completely documented template tags. Also it makes full use of custom post types, taxonomies, etc. of WP 3.0 so it creates NO messy custom tables for each blog like all the other shop plugins out there.

Please give us your feedback and bug reports here - test, tease, complain, etc. I’m sure there is plenty of bugs I’ve missed. Right now it’s just the basic blog-by-blog store, the unfinished cool stuff is commented out till it’s ready. There will be a number of beta and RC releases of the next month. Have fun!

Many features still in development:
* Network wide features/indexing
* BuddyPress integration
* File download support
* Stock Tracking
* shortcodes
* grid style layouts
* additional shipping plugins
* additional payment gateways