Anonymous +1? Request

Feature requests are great and we want those +1s so you guys at WPMUDEV will consider it. But the community here doesn't represent all your potential customers!

What if the feature request forum had a +1 button which anyone could click thus adding more weight to feature requests because you don't have to be a member then. Perhaps when you are not logged in and you click on the +1 you are also asked to answer a few short questions like how they envisage the feature working, you know to stop spam clicks.

Here is a feature request which I know tons of people would love and it would most definitely entice more people to purchase, but there are few +1s there:

Perhaps a feature request section could be a little more like the WP one:

This way a clear catalogue of requests are there, indexed and available for votes to be done.

Just a thought. :slight_smile: