Another Events+ WP4.0 Bug (php warning)

Hey again,

Found another minor bug with Events+ and the new WP 4.0. My PHP error log is throwing the following when I load a page:

call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'Eab_EventsHub' does not have a method 'enqueue_api_scripts' in (SITE ROOT)/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 505

Not as big as the last one, but thought I'd send it your way in case you haven't seen this one yet. Or in case it's something I'm doing, and it's all my fault!!


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey, Nick!

    Just to give the dev as many details as possible, what effect is this error having on Events+ and/or your site?

    Was this an Error or a Warning? Warnings can typically be ignored, while Errors tend to be more critical, and indicative that something is definitely wrong, and not just awkward or deprecated.

    Are you seeing any other PHP warnings/errors along with this?


  • Nick
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey Michelle,

    So far, I can't see any effects it's having. I noticed it while I was looking for something in my log that's totally unrelated. It's just a PHP Warning, but I'm not super familiar with the inner workings of your guys' stuff yet, so I wasn't sure if it was important or not!


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