Another madness crisis - A multisite fancy forum

Well, here is my point.

For now in terms of forum we have :

1 - The future bbpress plugin.
Seems that it WONT be activable on a per site basis. Tried it with no sucess. And bbpress is definitly a mess for something "fun and fancy" : no editor, no smileys. Not an option.

2 - The Industrial Gaz engine : Simple press.
Well, needs Google Datacenter to run on an important network. Very complex to use, but nice. Neither an option on large networks, and definitly not user friendly.

3 - The nice, simple and efficient Mingle forum
Works very fin but 2 issues :
- Not "blog user selective" on multisite
- Theming is simple, nice but cannot be changed by user. Only the choice available is usable.

4 - The Monster Zingiri forum
Just a mybb integration, efficient but not multisite usable. NO WAY in terme of security (the css download in admin interface specificly)

5 - the very simple wpmudev forum
Works absolutly fine, but definitly too simple for a fancy, funny, smiley forum.

My definition of User Friendly :
The incrédible admin interface of At this time (it uses phpbb) this is THE one. But definitly too complex for a multisite enable-able forum.

What we need ?
Something simple as Mingle Forum
Something nice & traditionnal as Simplepress (categories, forums, sub forums, public/private/hidden/group access)
Something ultra customizable and user friendly as (all theme option modifiable, colors, fonts, logos, well, all the css in a nice an simple admin interface)
Something funny as should be any forum : easy add smileys, embed enable (video/images/avatars/ and so on)
Something stable and multisiteable as wpmudev forums with respect of specific site users access.

Well, for this one there should be some plantation of
- coffee
- chocolate
- beer
- vodka
- and a racoon :slight_smile: