another manifest error on import

First, I have read the thread at

regarding this issue, and found nothing to help me. I just wanted you to know I tried to do homework first.

I have a site

it is blog 9 in multisite

snapshot is installed today

I am attempting to move it to a new site

the new multisite primary domain is

snapshot is installed on the new site

I will be restoring the snapshot from the old site to the new site address Blog 8

I understand this functionality is in beta…. but I can’t get that far.

I download the snapshot from the first domain

I upload that snapshot to

when I attempt to import the snapshot, I get error Processing archive: sn1 (252b)

Error: Manifest data not found in archive.

I have manually unzipped to see if the manifest file exists, it does.

Please help. I need to have this site moved.