Anti-Slog different registration URL needs to also modify the login


I love the ust_signup() function for a custom registration page for Anti-Splog.

However, it does not actually change the wp-login.php?action=register link.

So on some themes even though the front page buttons use ust_signup, the wp-login.php page still has the old registration url.

Here is a hack to fix that:

function wpse127636_register_url($link){
        Change wp registration url
    return str_replace(site_url('wp-login.php?action=register', 'login'),site_url('register', 'login'),$link);

function wpse127636_fix_register_urls($url, $path, $orig_scheme){
        Site URL hack to overwrite register url
    if ($orig_scheme !== 'login')
        return $url;

    if ($path == 'wp-login.php?action=register')
        return site_url('register', 'login');

    return $url;
add_filter('site_url', 'wpse127636_fix_register_urls', 10, 3);

This above can also be hard-coded into htaccess files.

Is there a way for the Anti-splog automatically too? Or do we have to modify our wp-login.php template file?