Anti-spam plugin for Single Site

I have created this post as a feature request for an Anti-Spam plugin for Single Site installations, because current Anti-Splog is only for Multisite.

Maybe, the next version of Anti-Splog can be single site compatible?

Some features that I (as a user) would be looking for in the plugin:

~ Comment Spam Protection (equivalent to Akismet maybe?)

~ Signup Spam Protection

~ BuddyPress spam protection

~ bbPress spam protection (including group forums through BP)

~ IP Caching System

~ Spammer Blacklist (with a whitelist for security reasons)

~ Robot-protection

~ Captcha

~ Word-ban/moderation list (I know this is in WordPress, but not for all mediums – registration, forums, etc.)

Can’t think of more at the moment, but that’s the main reason why I am opening up this thread for public +1’s, feedback, and suggestions to add for the plugin.

Tell me what you guys in the community think!

Correct me if I am wrong, but Anti-Splog is not at all single site compatible, right?