Anti-Splog, BuddyPress & Pro Sites - Create a Site - Always Errors with reCaptcha


I have a new install with Buddypress Multisite using the latest
* Wordpress Multisite 3.2.1
* Buddypress 1.5.1
* Membership 2.1.2
* Pro-sites 3.0.3
* Anti-Splog 1.1.1

I have it set up for Anti-Splog to use reCaptcha on the 2 registration pages
- User Registration
- 'Create a Site' Page (new blog recreation)

I have found the following
* reCaptcha works perfectly on the user registration.
* reCaptcha doesn't work with 'Create a Site' - it returns an error "The reCPATCHA wasn't entered correctly. Please try again' I have tried this everal times to ensure it was not user error.
* Works perfectly if I change it to use admin defined questions

I can't work it out ... as I would assume that if there was a problem with the key/IP (or something else like that) it wouldn't work for user registration. Hmmm ...

Thanks in advance for your help!!