Anti-Splog catching a lot of false positives


I seem to be getting a large amount of false positives caught by Anti-Splog recently, with fairly innocent looking blog names including:






They all show up as 100% Splog Certainty.

I’m not using any pattern matching that would catch these type of sub-domains but there are aren’t any other options that I can tweak to lower the certainty. Is it due to them signing up on one IP address in schools?



  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Is it due to them signing up on one IP address in schools?

    If I’m entirely honest I’m not sure what criteria there is in marking blogs with certainty but I would imagine that could be a cause….

    I’ll ping our developer on this one, he setup the system and will know for sure.

    What are your Posting Splog Certainty and Blog Signup Splog Certainty set to?

    Admin –> Network Admin –> Antisplog –> Settings


    The lower they are the more they will let through and less false positives.

    Take care.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Yes IPs are considered in the signup check. So if you or other blogs from an ip have been spammed that would contribute to that score.

    Unfortunately signup checks are just not very accurate due to the lack of information available. For most cases it’s best to only autospam based on the post scanning.

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