Anti-Splog Day to Day Management

Hi Guys

Ok, so anti-splog is picks up splogs pretty well.... .but what do i do next?

What is the day to day admin that i need to do? delete splogs? leave them? mark user as spammer?
what next?

  • Sue
    • Recruit

    Anti-splog is working now so well on Edublogs that I only need to check the suspected splog list every few days. It is very good at auto-spamming splogs.

    Initially when I first worked with it I would work through the suspected list and record any keywords that were being used a lot then test them with the Keyword Search in Settings.

    Now days I just go to the Suspected splog list and click on Last Updated then work down the list and try where possible to either Ignore or Spam. If not sure I leave in the Suspected splog list until I'm sure. Those I spam I will click on the Spam link next to Registered to see if there are many from that ISP that have already been spammed. If there is I will spam all of them at the same time. Nothing nicer than spamming 100 splogs at once when you see that you had already spammed 22 blogs from the same ISP.

    Once spammed they will move onto your Recent splogs list. When a user submits a splog review form you will click on the link to this page where you will either keep as spam or unspam. Currently the splogs just remain in the Recent Splogs queue and aren't being deleted. Personally I don't like deleting if I can help in case I delete a genuine blog.

    We aren't marking users as spammers.

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