Anti-Splog in BlogsMu Themes BuddyPress Admin Bar

Trying to use the anti-splog function to rename wp-signup.php in my BuddyPress admin bar's sign up link. I'm not using any custom profile fields in buddypress so I think I'm able to use the anti-splog plugin.

I'm using WP3.0 and BP1.2.5.2. You can see from my homepage at I was able to replace the hard coded link with the function at the top right of the page where it says "Get a free blog Sign Up", but I can't seem to figure out how to put the function in the buddypress admin bar's sign up button link.

I know it's probably not the best way to do it but I've tried placing the function in the bp-core-adminbar.php but I'm not a coding guru, so I can't get it to work.

How would it need to look here:

if ( bp_get_signup_allowed() ) {<br />
echo '<li class="bp-signup no-arrow"><a href="' . bp_get_signup_page(false) . '">' . __( 'Sign Up', 'buddypress' ) . '</a>';</strong><br />
	}<br />

Any suggestions? I really would like to stay away from editing the bp-core-adminbar.php file but if I have to then so be it. Thanks for looking at this for me.