Anti splog limitation

Hi there :

Well bad surprise today :

You've reached your maximum allowed sites! You must delete one to add a new one.

I have already 5 sites referenced... well, I need... 10 at least !

How can I do ?

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Unfortunately at the moment we are only allowing 5 domains per premium membership. It used to be 5 servers, but we relaxed that to just domains. This is the first we've heard of someone asking for more than that, so we will need to do some decision making on that. Our original intention was to allow additional sites as an addon subscription package, but we'll see.

    Can you give more info on what kind of sites they will be, mainly how many blogs/signups you expect?

  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    Well, I will run 12 networks, expecting (hoping !) something as 25.000 blogs for all in one year.

    Not a big deal, but in fact hoping for more but 25.000 seems reasonnable.

    - I have 7 professionnal thématic networks with small amount of site (1500/2000 max)
    - one for horses expecting 5000 at least.

    And still waiting for multidomain management to open MY big one network (gamer team sites) hopping 10.000 sites on this one.

    And the las one (also multidomain...) generalist non professionnal this one can be important, if it works it can reach 15.000 / 20000 on its own in 1 or 2 years.

    Addind to this one 2 private networks (1 student big association but with signup code) and another one for a shool also with signup code.

    Happy Birthday !

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