Anti-Splog Losing API Key

Hey all,

I seem to be having trouble with my server holding the API key. I've received an email a couple times, that informs me that there is a problem and when I log in, sure enough, the api key is missing.

Logging into my wpmu dev account provides me with the same key which I enter and things light up green (giving me a satisfying feeling of goodness thank you very much) and I save the settings. Sometime, later, the issue will happen again.

I have caught this happening even before I receive an email. Always, the same api key does the trick. Thoughts?

Thanks all.


  • Aaron

    It is probably because of the ip restrictions that used to be in place. If there is ever an error connecting, the plugin schedules a key check for a few days later. If that key check fails (not a current member or invalid domain or IP) it will remove it and send you an email.

    About 2 weeks ago I removed the server IP requirement, so it shouldn't happen again unless your membership expires or you try to use an unregistered domain.

    Let me know if it does it again.