Anti-Splog Manual vs Auto: Post

I love the anti-splog plugin, but I wonder if I am using it correctly.

I go in each day and manually zap a few pages of Suspected Splogs, which is MUCH easier than what I had to do prior to the plugin. However, even after lowering the thresholds in the Settings, the plugin marks *very* few blogs as splogs automatically.

It seems that Splog Certainty is either near 70% or 0% with little in-between. Of course, like many others, my network’s scope is very narrowly defined, so I can very quickly identify posts that are off-topic and inappropriate that would be hard to automate.

Since I have literally a handful of Auto:stuck_out_tongue:ost splogs among thousands of manually identified ones, I’d like to know what I can do to tweak the system without going overboard and risking false positives.

Current Settings:

Blog Signup Splog Certainty: 70%

Posting Splog Certainty: 80%

Limit Blog Signups Per Day: 10

Spam Keyword Search: Lots (but they don’t seem to trigger much even when present.)