anti splog not able to delete more then one at a time

#1) I have all up to date versions of wpmu, and anti splog

under anti splog>recent splogs I am not able to delete more then one splog at a time. If I click on the option that selects all splogs and then click delete I am returned to the main page for the Sites list and when I return to anti splog link all the splogs are still there.

Any ideas?

#2) I am using the most recent version of paid to blog along with everything else that is up to date. Some spammers are able to create a blog and include a post without having to pay. is there a way I can put a stop to this…

Thanks for any input.

Tony V

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Tony,


    That’s no good. I haven’t seen this error before. Anything showing up in your error logs?

    #2 do you possibly have some spammers that are set up with usernames? If they’ve got a good username they could continually create blogs continually even after you’ve spammed one.

    You can set up anti-splog to spam both the username and blog at the same time, and you may want to consider that going forward.

    I’ll ask the developers to take a look here as well, but if there’s something in your error logs that’d help us track down any issue much more quickly.


  • TonyV
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    #1) nothing showing in the error logs at all, I have looked in wp-admin/error_log.txt

    also I am not getting an error when I choose this option.. I am only getting pushed back to the regular list page.

    thanks for looking into this Aaron

    #2) Exactly Aaron… pay to blog is activated and I am not giving free trial period.. I have been running mu for about 2 years now and this has been going on almost all that time, but I did not say anything until now because I had all out dated versions of everything. I didn’t do a good job of keeping logs of all the files I edited so I ran with wpmu 2.7 for quite some time.

    but, just recently moved to a new server and took that opportunity to upgrade everything. And now I see that it has nothing to do with me running out dated versions after all, but is indeed still an ongoing issue.

    As a recap, paytoblog is set up.. no free trial period. everyone must make a payment first before they should be able to post, however several people are spamming posts somehow when they sign up bypassing having to make payments. The posts are typically saturated with keywords, some even make actual sense.

    (Mason James)>no users that are spammers. I am running a tight ship at the moment as I don’t have an overflow of bloggers. also I am not allowing only users to sign up.. only signups I am allowing are people who create a blog. I am dealing with the spammers daily, tying to use anti splog and manually dumping them out. sometimes 3 and 4 times a day.

    Thanks for your time.

    Tony V

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