Anti-Splog not connecting API server

There seems to be a problem with your AntiSplog API server. Both my sites cannot connect. I have tried re-registering my API key but get the following message:

There was a problem connecting to the API server. Please try again later.

I also had a crazy spammer who must have created about fifty blogs in the space of ten minutes. I have the limit for new blog sign-ups set at two. I had to eventually block his IP address via htaccess.

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Strange as no one else has reported this issue. Are you on your own server or is this a shared environment. I ask because I;m wondering if any changes have been made to it recently. Some hosts disallow outbound calls as a security measure.

    Normally I would suggest ssh’ing into your server and trying to ping out to the url of the antisplog server but I can;t find the plugin here to redownload it to see what the url in there is. If you know it, please try that to see if you can reach the server.

    If your site sits on a box that is managed, you may want to contact your host to see if they;ve made any changes it it recently.

  • Mark
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @drmike – Every thing is working correctly again. What had me really worried was the spammer who seemed to bypass the Anti-Splog plugin. As I mentioned in my first post I have the limit for new blog sign-ups set at two. This all seemed to coincide with my sites not able to connect to API server for a couple of hours.

  • drmike
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    May have been related to the time out issues they’ve been having the last few days. I thought the premium site was on a different box than the antisplog stuff. I may have been wrong.

    Strange though that no one else reported it.

    Not sure about the bypassing. We use a homegrown solution with our installs. Aaron? Barry?

    edit: And as always, please check your webserver’s error logs to see if anything got dropped in there.

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