Anti-Splog not queuing suspected blogs with BuddyPress?

Anti-Splog had been working for me, but over the last weeks, I've been getting regular clusters of very obvious spam blogs, and I've seen hardly any blogs dropping into the suspected queue whatsoever - none since earlier in the spring. I'm on the current BuddyPress (1.2.8) and am just now holding back from upgrading to WordPress 3.2 from 3.1.4. I wonder if an update caused the issue?

Otherwise, Anti-Splog is working normally. Settings verify the API is configured correctly, and I *can* manually spam blogs from the interface, as well as see those blogs I've spammed from the WP/BP interface appearing in the "recent splogs lineup."

I tried also adjusting the threshold for spam certainty. But I can see quite clearly that the majority of the splogs I'm manually marking have a certainty of 0%, which makes little sense to me given past experience. So that certainly seems a likely culprit!

So, is it just that I have spammers getting past the algorithm? Or is something tripping up Anti-Splog's ability to even calculate spam likelihood?

Here's a screenshot of that anti-splog queue:

And here's the recent queue. Now, as I write this, of course, I *have* had one suspected splog show up. :wink: Literally, in the last few minutes. But this has been relatively rare, and I get a burst of a dozen or two of these registrations every week, often in short bursts.