Anti-Splog not working as expected

I installed the Anti-Splog plugin a few days ago, and I’m afraid it isn’t working for me. No errors on install: API key, domain and IP address got the green “OK”. Screens in Site Admin all appear without errors.

Problem starts when I go to Suspected Blogs, ‘SPAM’ the splogs, they disappear from the screen as expected. However, they do not appear in the Recent Splogs section and if I refresh the Suspected Blogs page, the same splogs show up again. I have 350 splogs created in the past 2 days that I haven’t messed with, intending to use the new Anti-Splog tool. The Suspected Blogs section displays 8.

Furthermore, if I SPAM the IP address, I get the message: “You are about to mark 79 blog(s) as spam! There are currently 0 blog(s) already marked as spam for this IP (” I click ‘OK’ and they disappear from the screen in a flash of red.

But again, these are not added to the Recent Splogs and they reappear in the Suspected Splogs upon refresh.

What am I doing wrong?