Anti-splog question of login access

I have question about limiting access of login page.

Is it possible to set up the "sign up" page, so that when a person lands on this page, they DO NOT "see" the form to sign up. What they do see is copy about ...... and that IF they do this ..... then they can sign up.

Either hide the form until they do some type of social sharing and reward them, or have to request a coupon code???

This is in addition to what anti-splog can do on it's own.


  • Alexander

    Hi there @Director98248,

    Doing this directly in the signup page would require a good bit of modification to the signup page php file. If you're using the "Rename wp-signup.php" option of anti-splog, this file would be here:

    Otherwise it's just the wp-signup.php in the root of your Wordpress installation.

    My recommendation would be to create a new page called "Signup" and make sure that the Anti-Splog "Rename wp-signup.php" option is turned on

    In this signup page, include the shortcode: [ust_wpsignup_url]

    This will output the current link to the signup page which is constantly changing via Anti Splog.

    Now use Pay with a Like to protect that page, or use a Pay with a Like shortcode

    Best regards

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