Anti-Splog Settings in Multi-Network MultiSiteNetworks

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Anti-Splog offers an entry field for Multisite Domains

Register a Site:

Multisite Domain*


This is the root domain of your multisite server, like “”.

Is this the assigned ID in wp-config? i.e. if siteID2 and not siteID1 to is the BASE then you would need to set that domain for it or is it the domain which is actually the BASE – always[ID1] in Database the one with no number?

Does it mean also in MultiNetworks of MultiSiteNetworks? Would you need to set ONLY the domain which runs the MultiNetwork Backend or would you need to set it for each single Multisite [I think that needs to be set but I am not sure – AFAICS all anti-splug has to be configured for each single MultiSiteNetwork inside a MultiNetwork separately even all actually run from the same folders and files but from different databaseSiteIDs in the same Database. What happens when you clone the site or replace the site, do settings need to be changed i.e. if you create a new site and assign a domain name which used already anti-Splug to a new siteID inside the same MultiNetwork/MultisiteNetwork.

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