Anti-Splog suspended very first blog creation - by me - without details on reason

I was just about to launch a brand new site and was creating my first blog and user. When I logged in, I saw "Site Suspended".

I looked under Super Admin -> Anti-Splog-> Recent Splogs

I saw the new blog listed with 100% certainty as a Splog. I don't see a reason listed.

A few questions:
- Could you enhance the panel information to provide information about why this is listed as a Splog?
I understand that you don't want to give away secret information on methodology, but some general information would be useful (i.e. marked as splog due to IP, posts, username, etc).

- I was surprised to see a number such as 100%. This indicates to me that there was no possibility of error, yet it isn't a splog.

- I'm hesitant to keep this turned on when I send out my first batch of invite codes. Is there any way to check the log associated with my API Key (for user BlueSkies account) and let me know what happened?