[Anti-Splog] We need Anti-Splog! There is a Gap in the Market for a spam fighting plugin


I think there is great potential for Anti-Splog. We need this plugin to continue being developed further and supported. I also think there is opportunity here for WPMU Dev. I will explain below.

I can see from looking at the WordPress.org plugin repository that Anti-Splog has only 20 Active installs. I think this is closely related to the fact that there hasn’t been much activity or any updates in over 12 months and so site admins are reluctant to try it out.

However, recently two of the top spam fighting plugins have been removed from the WordPress.org plugin directory. First WangGuard (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wangguard/). This plugin has been discontinued by the developer, with many users (10,000+) still using it even though it is discontinued and unsupported.

So many users appeared to have switched to WP Spamshield (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-spamshield/). But due to dispute with WordPress.org plugin directory team this developer has had his plugin removed and so decided to remove all his plugins. WordPress.org still shows 100,000+ active users who can no longer receive updates from WP.org for this plugin.

I would therefore like to recommend continuing development and support for this plugin as well as these additional features to make it the go to plugin:

1) Comment spam protection (for visitors who don’t have an account and who only enter name and email).

2) Contact form spam protection. For visitors who don’t have an account and are not signed in.

3) All the above without requiring a captcha or making the visitor have to take any additional steps to carry out their task.