Anti Splog will not activate on BuddyPress site

Hi there! The Anti-Splog plugin states that it works with WP Multisite “or”

Buddy Press.  When I attempt to install it on my site, I get:  “Plugin

could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

Followed by:  “Anti-Splog is only compatible with Multisite


Unfortunately, I have just a simple WP site for my family, but I get

many spammers.  I’m curious as to why I cannot install and use this

service?  Additionally, several other plugins give me the same error.

So, if the plugin is not compatible with Buddy Press, it should not

say that it is.

I am hoping that I am doing something incorrectly, causing this

message.  Could you possibly help me with this, proving a work around

if indeed, this is only compatible with WP Multisite?