Antisplog not allowing anything

i INSTALLed antisplog and it does not allow any one to become member if they are using hotmail, google nor yahoo how on earth do i make settings to work with that

also the admin questions and answers are really not working since the field where people need to write the answer is placed on the bottom on the registration page..

  • Shawn

    Has *anyone* been able to register successfully?

    Has anyone been able to register at all - even if they're tagged as a splog account immediately upon activation?

    At what point does the registration fail? Upon submit (captcha failure), validation (no email sent, verify link doesn't work), or upon activation (immediately set to splog account)?

    The captcha/q&a/security features added are dependent not only on the antisplog plugin, but also your theme. If your theme does not have a wide enough content region then it'll push things around funky. Try another theme, or use a browser design tool to help determine the CSS changes necessary for your theme to tune the layout to suit the available area.

  • Mason


    Just to follow up here as well, Anti-splog shouldn't stop registration on it's own. It doesn't really check user registration. It monitors new site posts and uses our own algorithm to determine the likelihood that a blog is, in fact, splog and then marks it as such and allows you to confirm it.

    If users aren't able to register it's possible you have those domain blocked in your Network Admin Settings area. I'd check there first.

    Let us know! Thanks!

  • aecnu

    Greetings hannapanna,

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