Any alternative to the "Magazine Edition Control" Plugin?

Hi all,

is anybody outside there who ever wanted to publish a monthly magazine via wordpress? I'd like to have the possibility to access a complete edition by a front cover that brings me to a list of posts within this issue.

The only plugin I found for that is "Magazine Edition Control" ( which is no longer supported.

Does anyone know some alternative plugins or ways to publish magazine issues?


  • Philip John
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    If you're wanting a monthly edition you could simply use month-based permalinks, like so; would be the January 2012 edition.

    Then you could create an archive template to make those pages look more like a home page.

    In fact, you could even copy your home.php template and use that for your monthly archive pages.


  • shini
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    Thanks Phil!

    Month based permalinks are only half the thing we'd like to use. What we're looking for is a plugin that manages different issues in a way like here:

    — Latest issue is always (and automatically) shown under a permanent URI (e. g.
    — Issue Archive with cover thumbs (
    — Archives Issue TOC on its archive URI (

    When a new issue is published the old one shows up in the archive and gets its archive URI.

    Magazine Edition Control basically does these things, but as it's no longer updated it might be the wrong choice. That's why we're looking for alternatives :slight_smile:


  • shini
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    Hi stergatu

    Nope. What might be an alternative to Wordpress is Newscoop CMS, which is also available as open source. Check out

    They also have a demo running. On the first glance it looks to be a great solution for newspaper-related publishing.

    Please let me know if you find some other wordpress solution — or if you switched to Newscoop :slight_smile: (e-mail on the profile page)

    Thanks & best regards

    NB: I'm not associated with Newscoop or the company behind :slight_smile:

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