Any enhanced version of Blog Activity plugin

I installed the "Blog Activity" plugin and can now see a summary of all the blog activity. For my purposes I find that pretty useless. As a matter of fact, I'm wondering what use the information it does give can be put to. I see the number of blogs, posts and comments that are made or updated, but no indication of who or which.

Is there a plugin that will give me some identification of blogs with extended inactivity, or some identification of blogs with lots of activity?


  • drmike

    Oooohhh. Kirk's getting fancy. :smiley:

    If you follow, you'll note that Matt likes to post once a month and brag about how many new Posts were made, how many files were uploaded, etc. This plugin allows you to do something similar if you feel the need.

    The extended inactivity request, I would give this a looksee:

    Lots of activity depends on what you define as activity. Posts? Comments? Page Views? Spammers?

  • Kirk Ward

    I'm getting fancy? Does that mean I can get a new suit? LOL

    Actually, what I want to do is have a way to know if the bloggers are actually setting up a useful design (I'm treating these as "websites.") by selecting a theme, installing widgets and creating some posts. I'd also like them to work on getting traffic, but if they get the site set up so it appears the way they want, then that's fine.

    My thinking is that if I want to build a way to stay in touch with them by email, and send training emails and motivational emails to encourage and help them get traffic. If I can watch and see who is not getting visitors (page views), then I can look and see if they have abandoned it or not (posts?) and contact them directly to offer help.

    Not sure if that idea is realistic or no. Any suggestions for marketing?

  • drmike

    selecting a theme

    Are you looking at this as for a total number of blogs doing this or as a percentage? Easiest thing to do would be a Run Through the Blog script and count up how many blogs have their option('template') set to something beside default. For posts, check against option("post_count") as that gets set to 1 upon creation. Widgets I wouldn;t check against as not everybody uses them.

  • Kirk Ward

    I am targeting a niche, Accountants, and offering them "Free Websites."

    Almost all of my "beta testers" are totally clueless about what to do with setting up a site. Even when I send them email instructions. I took a half an hour last night trying to explain to one guy just how to log in to his site.

    Pretty much what I am thinking I need to do is be able to identify

    (1) who has abandoned an unimproved site, and
    (2) who has improved their site, but is not getting traffic.

    If they have abandoned it, I want to dig around a bit and see if I can discover why. If they are not getting traffic, I want to see what I can do to help them.

    For these things, I need to know exactly which ones to examine.

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