Any Good Favicon Plugins for WPMU/MS?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good favicon plugins for WPMU/MS?

If I throw it in the root web directory it shows up on every network site. Which is good for some applications but not all.

It might be a nice WPMUDEV plugin integrated that could be integrated with a Prosite profit model. We can offer domain mapping as an upgrade. Why not be able to offer a custom favicon as an option. So all the sites on the blog farm would have the network favicon unless someone pays a little to use there own.

If you need to make favicons here are some resources I have found.

For small text favicons:

Mac Application:
Icons (from the App Store)

There was a Plugin for Photoshop that use to allow you to export files as with the .ico extension. Not sure if that it works with later versions of Photoshop.

for anyone that does not know what a favicon is, you can read about them here.