Any Idea how to accomplish this?

So Ive decided on a theme and am starting on my front end for my network.... Basically my main site is where they will go for signups, support, upgrades, whatever.

However So far I have been unable to change menu items for registered and nonregistered members... for instance I dont necessarily want just anyone to have access to forums or other tabs I have to navigate to and on the flip of that I dont want people who already have paid to see the Why Us tab since they already picked us... seems like its rather redundant and a waste of space.

Is there a way to accomplish this? ... And if possible is it possible to do the following also?

IN addition to the above, which is the bare minimum of what Im looking for is a way to limit content to which lvl of supporter they have... Im using the beta atm of supporter since by the time Im ready to go live that will be the release version... anyway I have 3 lvls of supporter, along with the free non paying members all of which have diffrent features...

I know in the past membership and supporter have been integrated but is it or will membership be set so it can support more supporter membership lvls? As Id assume everything Im looking for would be possible with membership. But for the network features im implementing I need supporter.