Any ideas how to customize user's ability to manipulate their settings and supporter settings?


I'm sure there are numerous ways to achieve this and I'm soliciting your support and guidance to achieve the following most simply and elegantly.

User can NOT change Appearance (must) (like author)

User can NOT access any Template settings when in it's own menu item outside of 'Appearence'

User can NOT access Pages (must) (like author)

User can NOT access Plug-ins (must) (like author)

User CAN post edit post and delete post. (must) (like author)

User CAN access supporter features like 'pay to blog', Domain Name (like Admin)

User CAN access settings for plugin such as Socail Media Page ( ), BUT can not access widgets page.

User CAN edit Links

User CAN edit AVATAR (Is there a GRAVATER plugin for WPMU?)

User CAN access settings for Plugin like for example Web invoice: (

User can NOT access Forms settings (Gravity Forms)

Many thanks in advance,