Any Ideas on how to share media?

I'd like to share a bunch of PLR background and hero images with my subsites, in an ideal world they'd be hosted offsite and served by CDN.

Unfortunately Network Shared Media shares ALL sites media instead of specific sites and I can't figure out how to hack the php to insert target blog ID/s. I'm using S3 and Cloudfront (WP Offload S3) with EWWW Optimizer which works great auto uploading images seemlessly with the WP Media Library using cloudfront url.

Cloudinary Media Library was a good option, but they use an iframe for Admin and the media library includes a Delete button with bulk delete coming soon, and you just know someone will delete everything either on purpose or by accident.

I looked at some Flickr remote media library options but they were either unsupported or limit the number of images until they release high-priced version. I like the Flickr idea but can't find a working plugin.

I tried which wasn't terrible for images for posts but it wasn't exactly right for this purpose.


you'd think there would be a decent, secure way to share images on a multisite.

any ideas?


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey @tripvendor,

    I hope you're well and thank you for your question!

    I just took a round through some plugins and it seems that Network Share Media would be the solution closes to what you need. All other plugins I came through have their issues and would most likely require some deeper customization.

    Just to make sure: you would like the plugin (e.g. this Network Share Media) to share media across all the network but only from a single, selected site, am I right? Or do you need a choice or selection on "media level"?

    Looking forward for your answer!


  • tripvendor
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi -

    I would like one subsite to be the source of shared media. (not the main site)

    Ideally, would be able to assign privileges to subsites that would allow access to the site (ala Pro Sites levels)

    however, Network Shared Media does a check to see if the user has 'upload' privileges, if they do then it displays all the blogs on the network to grab images from. independent subsite admins are not going to like that and probably why the plugin is not more popular.

    there is a php file could be hacked for this and assign blog ids etc, but way beyond my reach

  • tripvendor
    • The Bug Hunter

    I feel like such a bonehead...

    I tested and tested and dinked around

    Network Shared Media already restricts access... users have to have 'upload' permissions on the target site. (ie author role etc). I was using User Switching plugin but also the addon for switch in the Admin Bar and it wasn't actually changing the user role for some reason from the Admin bar.


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