Any open source alternatives to WHMCS?

Do you know of any WHMCS alternatives, or have anything in the works, that integrates with WPMU without requiring locked down proprietary code for billing and provisioning?

If not then do you think these 2 plugins could make a worthwhile start on building out a backend replacement for WHMCS?

  • aristath

    Hello there @markc, I hope you're well today!

    It depends on what you want to accomplish...
    If for example you have a WordPress multisite installation and you want your users to be able to create a new site on that multisite, use your plugins & themes, have "plans" like free-silver-gold-platinum with different capabilities for each plan, then you don't need WHMCS at all!
    You can simply use out Pro-Sites plugin.
    You can even allow your users to add a domain on their site using our Domain-Mapping plugin 0 and even make that feature only available to platinum members for example!
    There are many things you can do without WHMCS using nothing but WordPress!!

    WHMCS is really only needed if you want to create a completely separate hosting for your clients, with their own FTP account, email etc.

    I hope that helps!


  • markc

    Thanks for your prompt and courteous reply. I should know within a week just how far I can go with ProSite & friends and I do want to create other services as well but there is no way I am going to use anything that requires ioncube. I've tried before and being locked out of the codebase, no matter how good it might be, is just not acceptable. Github or it doesn't exist.

    I've been managing small ISP systems for 2 decades and have various shell scripts to create client services so I want to pick the shortest path between ProSites and those scripts of mine and provide a web interface within WP for these scripts. The penny has recently dropped for me, the point of our system, to provide various ISP services, ends up most of the time providing a platform for Wordpress anyway, so why not use WP to setup lower level services for WP! Any hints how to get from ProSites -> my_scripts greatly appreciated (hence my long winded explanation).

    A specific question is can I use path mapping with MultiSite and selling domains via Enom (keeping in mind I have not yet put together a system that does this yet) and do I HAVE to use subdomains and map real domains to subdomains. I would prefer to have -> and -> so that clients can still access their own WP backend while I only have to provide a single SSL certificate for and not worry about whether clients have a valid certificate.

  • aristath

    Hello again Mark!

    Github or it doesn't exist.

    I hear you... I believe the exact same thing. :slight_smile:

    Any hints how to get from ProSites -> my_scripts greatly appreciated

    That's a bit tricky... You can check the current level of a pro-site using PHP, but from that point on this is uncharted territory for me!

    As for domain-mapping yes, you can use subfolders. :slight_smile:

    Depending on your level of expertise (though from your previous post I don't think you'll have a problem) you can also try alternative approaches to this.
    It would require more custom coding, but may be better for your use-case:
    There's a drupal project called Aegir:
    You can use that to deploy drupal sites BUT with a few tweaks it can also deploy individual WordPress sites (not part of a multisite) and has most of WHMCS's capabilities.


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