Any Plans For…..

Just curious if there are plans to include all WordPress files in these backups. There were a couple of files in the root of a site I worked on that were added to the regular WP installation by a plugin. Not having them in the backup would have caused the restoration to fail. Even a “File Inclusion” feature (similar to the “Exclusion” feature) would work. Especially if one could select entire directories.

Second, I don’t see any ability to limit the number of backups to be kept in Dropbox anymore. Is this something that might be added back again later?

Finally, when choosing “Run Now” from the hover links in the snapshots – would it be possible to have it redirect to the progress screen upon click? The only way to be sure it ran is to refresh the page and check to see if the logs increase as it is now.

Thank you again for all of your hard work @paul . It is very much appreciated.

~ Corey