Any plans to allow upgrades inside Wordpress

After buying a monthly fee for Q&A (v1.3), it seems odd that you have to pay again every time to get an upgrade. In wordpress at the Q&A plugin, there is button "Upgrade to update" which prevents updates. I was able to download Q&A from the wpmudev site to get the current version. It's a bit of a pain to download, unzip and then copy all the files over into the site. Even then, The Q&A plugin still claims it is v1.3 and needs to update even though all the files are v1.4. What is the value of the monthly fee if you can't get updates through the standard Wordpress process like all other plugins do? Is there a way to tell Wordpress that Q&A is the current version and turn off all the notes in the dashboard and plugins that still think an upgrade is needed? I really think the process should be far easier like every other plugin I've used.