Any REAL SEO options for a MU/Buddypress/bbpress installation

I have NO experience with Buddypress, but, if I'm understanding things correctly then there is NO real SEO plugin for a wpmu blog incorporating a buddypress installation.

What can I do to help with SEO???

Hope I've worded my dilemma correctly???


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Doug,

    At the moment the options for a BuddyPress SEO plugin that works "out of the box" so to speak is really non-existent. A plugin we've recommended on is supposed to be updated mid-month according to the developer:

    A good article on the discussion of BuddyPress SEO is here (he also recommends the plugin above)

    I know other members are looking for a solution to this as well. Anyone else want to chime in?

  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    hey mason... i was going to ask.. i've tried the plugin you guys recommended seo for buddypress but i am either not doing something right.. or maybe i'm not doing something right :slight_smile:

    so i read this on the dev's site:

    In the main blog theme header.php, must exist
    < title > < ?php bp_page_title() ? > < /title >
    In the user blog theme header.php, must exist
    < title > < ?php wp_title(); ? > < /title >

    i am using genesis, genesisbuddy and a studiopress theme... i looked within my child theme and i am not seeing my header file there for the main site...

    on my user's theme i see the header.php but i don't see < title > < ?php bp_page_title() ? > < /title >
    is this something i am supposed to confirm is there or input?

    i am running on empty - sorry if i sound like a ditz...

    as always..... thanks :slight_smile:

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Gina,

    Yeah, the Genesis framework adds an extra layer of complexity to the issue. You don't have a header.php in the child themes, instead you add actions to your header through the functions.php file.

    For example:
    add_action('get_header', 'childtheme_load_title');
    function childtheme_load_title()
    Title tag would go here;

    I'll see if I can come up with something for ya or you might check with the genesisbuddy guys for this one as well. ;D

    If you get an answer, let us know, and I'll do the same. Thanks!

  • Doug
    • Flash Drive

    I really don't understand anything that was said in the "answers" to my original thread. However, I do understand that Buddypress is pretty lame where SEO is concerned.

    I had WP.MU install wpmu, buddypress, and bbpress on the recommended host. Quite pricey, (I might add), especially since I am very adapt at Wordpress and hosting. I just thought I didn't feel like bothering with the install.

    Now, I'm thinking, (since I've just started building my site), that I would just like to maybe "deactivate" the buddypress part of it altogether. Especially since the bbpress in buddypress is REALLY LAME!

    How can I do that - (safely deactivate buddypress)? And, if I want to offer my users a forum, (social options, etc), - any ideas of how I might do this, (for instance on a subdomain)???


    Also, can All-IN-ONE SEO be used on individual sites in MU???

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Try this code out for GenesisBuddy child theme:

    remove_action('genesis_title', 'wp_title');<br />
    add_action('genesis_title', 'gina_custom_title');<br />
    function gina_custom_title {  ?><br />
    <title><br />
    <?php if (function_exists('ghpseo_output') && ghpseo_output('main_title', false) != '')<br />
    ghpseo_output('main_title');<br />
    else bp_page_title(); ?><br />
    </title><br />
    <?php }

    Let me know how that works for you.

    Sorry the thread got a bit off track. Deactivating BuddyPress is as simple as "Network Deactivate" from your plugins page. You can then delete buddypress from the plugins folder.

    As for alternatives, we have several here that will probably give you everything you need without going the BuddyPress route.
    Here's a few:
    Site Forums:
    Over on edublogs they use a bbpress install on a subdomain with WPMU at the root. Seems to work well for them and I have a setup that does this as well. I've also used the Simple Forums with good results as well.

    This one really does what it says - and works well with the Friends, Avatar, and Messaging plugins also available here.

    Finally we have a sitemap and seo plugin that is actually a modified version of AIOSEO. It's meant to provide simple features for your individual sites. You can find it here:

    Take a look at some of the options above. On any plugin page you'll find a link to "Installation" under the under "View Screenshots" and the download link. There's lots of good information here on getting everything set up. Thanks! Let us know if you have any other questions with this. :smiley:

  • gregfielding
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    My two cents...

    All-in-one SEO is an awesome plugin. I use the pro version for my WPMU community and it works great for blogs.

    I fiddled with Sven's SEO for Buddypress Plugin and it didn't work right on my site. SEO was screwey and I couldn't access my dashboard admin menu. He is currently revamping the plugin for WP3 and it should be great.

    My thoughts for him (which I'll post there) and for the folks here: Keep buddypress SEO separate from regular blog seo. It's hard to do everything well and it'll probably never work for blogs better than all in one.

    I would love to see a buddypress SEO solution that specifically focused on BP components - member profiles, activity stream, groups, etc...along with flexibility to add SEO support for additional components like BP Gallery, Global Forum (both Brajesh), BP Album, BP Links, etc.

    Using a plugin like this, along with All In One SEO seems like the best solution.

  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    thanks mason.. actually i was just going to let you know that the genesisbuddy people gave me something to work... i added it in functions and it works perfect now! on every page within buddypress.

    function my_bp_title_tag( $title ) {
    if( function_exists('bp_seo_get_page_title') && defined('BP_VERSION') && !bp_is_blog_page() )
    return bp_seo_get_page_title();
    return $title;

    thanks guys.. ya i apologize if i hijacked this thread.

    however.. greg.. it does work on member profiles, activity stream, groups.. and even works on the BP chat plugin and calendar.

    and you can optimize plugins as well with seo for buddypress:

    Buddypress Seo configuration for extended components

    Please select the component for which you like to edit the meta tags.

    !!! Attention: most times if a component has a directory view, every entry of the component has an own home view. To generate dynamic meta tags for these views, you need to select the component itself under "extends other components".

    For example, if you have "Buddypress Events" installed: it has a directory view and every event has a home view. In this case, you have to select "events" under "extends other components".

    it's pretty cool :slight_smile:

  • Doug
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Mason, I checked out those links and THAT is what I'm looking for, I think. Wish I had read this post before I spent 295 dollars on having all that stuff installed on a hosting account I didn't even need since I've already got a Hostgator Reseller account.

    But, I think I'm going to de-activate Buddypress now before my new site gets too much older. Thanks for the info, I truly appreciate it!

    So, I can use all-in-one-seo on a wpmu install? But, would it work on the user's blogs too? Don't know if I'm able to wrap my brain around how wpmu works compared to ordinary WP.

    I'll keep reading though, BEFORE I pay for any more STUFF!

    Doug (loudsam)

  • gregfielding
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Just install it sitewide. That should do it.


    Those 8 little lines of code work for basic BP components? Profiles, Activities, Groups...

    Can you post up an example of how to add a new component? Like Links or Gallery?

    Still trying to get my head around SEO...

  • Johnny K
    • Flash Drive

    So I managed to figure out something here which could possibly help others using MU/BP and a custom theme to regain at least some title info across the board and maintain All-in-one-SEO functionality when required

    if ( is_home() ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; bloginfo('description'); }
    elseif ( is_search() ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; _e('Search Results'); }
    elseif ( is_author() ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; _e('Author Archives'); }
    elseif ( is_single() ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; wp_title(''); }

    // Entering the buddypress tags
    elseif ( is_page() ) {

    $page_title = rtrim(ltrim(bp_get_page_title()));

    if ( $page_title == "YOUR BLOG TITLE HERE" ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; wp_title('');}
    else{ bp_page_title(); }
    elseif ( is_category() ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; _e('Archive'); echo ' | '; single_cat_title(); }
    elseif ( is_month() ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; _e('Archive'); echo ' | '; the_time('F'); }
    elseif (function_exists('is_tag')) { if ( is_tag() ) { bloginfo('name'); echo ' | '; _e('Tag Archive'); echo ' | '; single_tag_title("", true); } }
    else { } ?></title>

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