Any Solution for software activation key generation and monthly subscription?

Is there any plugin can be used to manage license key of software application online? such as generate/send activation key after successful online payment and also allow users to renew monthly subscription and keep track of the subscription. The software application for sale on our website will be installed in end users' local computers, and every month the software will automatically "call" the website to verify the subscription status. Online purchase/payment can be handled by a ecommerce plugin, such as MarketPress, and pass the buyer's info to this license mangement plugin.

The license has two parts: installation activation key, and annual or monthly subscription. Users have to pay for both. The first purchase includes first 3 months' subcription. After 3 months', users have to renew online which should be handled inside wordpress user's account (to keep track of the subsription expiration date).

If the software installed locally with a certain key does not have a valid subscription found on the website, the software will stop working. The key/subscription validation process between the local software and website has to be done with encryption.

These are very typical functions for software selling business. Just wondering if there is an existing solution or even searvice we can buy and get it done quickly instead of reinvent the wheel from scratch. Or some solutions that can do part of the required functions and can be modified to fit in.

Thanks! Any ideas would help :slight_smile: