any specific plans for UpFront / ProSites integration ?

as mentioned above,
are there any future plans in the works for Upfront / ProSites ?
i am thinking it would already be easy to grant UpFront themes by using the already available and fantastic "Premium Themes" "module" in ProSites.
but how about other fine grained customization ?
example ;
allow/disallow specific "draggable elements" per ProSite level ("code" element would not be recommended for all).
i guess the importance of this would become greater as you (wpmudev) releases more "draggable elements".
i am also asking for reasons that i may have not even in fact already thought of but would still much appreciate to brainstorm and plan ahead.

UpFront has AMAZING potential !!!
this cannot be UNDERSTATED !!!
but it seems that "developers" are already sadly taking the lead where UX/UI experts should be !!!
all the online reviews as well as friends and family i have asked for feedback seem to say the same thing.
it is basically confusing to use initially.
in other words its not very user friendly "UpFront"
everyone agrees that its most flexible.
its the little things "upfront" visually, UX/UI that makes the world of difference.
i know its impossible to try to convince code junkies of this but it is detrimental in the long run i promise you.
my humble opinion is that if they do not understand then thats just plain inconsiderate and stupid !!!
what is the purpose of UpFront ?
Mr. Farmer described very clearly the danger
"So why does WordPress need Upfront?"
again my humble opinion ;
**** away with the code heads etc.
and if they know whats good for them we all have to share the same so called "UpFront" easy user experience if you think about it because its whats gonna pay the bills at the end of the day (at least when it comes to WP themes).
practical example ;
"CSS Styles & Anchor Settings"
what in the world are you putting that there for wpmudev ???
- what in the world is CSS ?
- an anchor is what a ship drops into the sea right ?
these are the questions clients and business owners are going to ask !!!
may sound silly and funny to the experienced but ironically so will it seem to the business owner. labels such settings simply as "advance"
obviously !!!
i TOTALLY DISAGREE with Chris Lema (not the first hehe) in his "conclusion" here ;
but he was spot on in some of his other descriptions about easy of use.
i hope i am not coming across to harsh as that is NOT my intention but quite the opposite.
as initially mentioned,
UpFront has AMAZING potential !!!
this cannot be UNDERSTATED !!!

just please always keep "UpFront" in your mind that the end user most often needs the UX/UI to be as simple as possible to use and understand.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @amused,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestion for Upfront/Pro Sites integration, it does sound like interesting thing to have, I'm not sure if this is something that could be integrated easily right now but I will forward your question to relevant people to consider making this possible.

    There is a bit of learning curve currently with Upfront but the theme is constantly being developed and we are listening to users to make it more user friendly.

    As per above part I'll forward your feedback to people in charge of Upfront development :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • amused

    thank you very much for your reply and ;

    As per above part I'll forward your feedback to people in charge of Upfront development :slight_smile:

    i forgot to mention that i also do appreciate and understand that UpFront is still not even in v1
    i think this is not understood or appreciated by a lot of users.
    not sure specifically if its labeled "beta" or whatever but the point is that the team is really throwing a lot of support behind a version that is not even officially fully complete.
    with all the complaints/bugs/reports etc in the forums you guys/gals still offer FULL support and its kinda surprising to me that so many users seem to be brave enough to put it on live production sites.
    but that indeed says at least a few things ;
    - confidence in wpmudev.
    - realization of future UpFront potential.
    - necessity for current features/usefulness.

    keep up the GREAT work !!!
    absolutely amazing indeed !!!

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Amused,

    We had beta release of Upfront prior to releasing final 0.1 version which helped us with resolving some critical issues and other troubling parts.
    We have team of developers constantly working on improving both functionality and user experience so by version 1.0 we will have something totally awesome :slight_smile:

    Keep sending in any feedback you have as we do want users to be comfortable with Upfront as much as they can :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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