Any suggestion :)

Hi all,

i see the version 2.5 of marketpress...GREAT!

there is a piece of code, for show or none the excerpt in product list...

Can i suggest another little trick? or 2?

1. First of all, a simple change on the view of navigation in marketplace...
the next and previous button need to be in a div, and first of this we need a div with class="clear"

In this mode, this two buttons are always shown down after the products.
This simple change are in the function mp_global_products_nav_link line 1418 of marketpress-ms.php
we need just another $return :smiley:

2. And second,can i suggest of integrate a category filter for coupons? I develop just this function for me...we can consider to integrate in the core?

Many thanks! And sorry for my english...that is often wrong! :slight_smile: