Any way to make autopost reach more people?

I thought autoposting our Wordpress posts to Facebook might reach less people due to Facebook's algorithm that prefers manual posts, but the results of our first test are even worse than imagined so far.

We just autoposted over an hour ago, and then reposted manually 15 minutes ago. Check out the differences in this screenshot:

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Dave!

    We're pretty limited here, and at the mercy of Facebook's algorithm. I know a lot of places are feeling the sting now that FB has started discouraging site owners from using this shortcut. I know we're constantly working to improve Ultimate Facebook.

    I know the faster something spreads, the better it will do, so you might do a little social engineering to have your most loyal readers like and share your auto-updates as they see them, which may give them the initial boost they need to pick up traction.

    Good luck, dave!

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